Rachel & Tim [ wedding ]

Rachel and Tim met in Ecuador and their journey just gets better from there. Their wedding was full of so much color (YES!) and wonderful details. But, if I could pick my favorite thing from their wedding it would be their vows. Rachel is a writer by day, but man, Tim can write too. I don't think there was a dry eye there, including me! Following the ceremony they took a paddle boat trip to the spot where they got engaged, and released balloons in honor of those that could not be there. All around it was a stunning day. Congratulations Rachel & Tim! [ enjoy ]


  1. Awww! Beautiful couple and wedding. Love all the color and the shot of Tim wiping his eye as he's reading his vows is priceless!
    Congratulations to Rachel & Tim.

  2. how sweet & beautiful.
    The photos are bright & fun...I really like the photo of the 2 of you on the bench & Tim kissing your hand.
    Love the paddle boat!

  3. These are some of the most beautiful and fun wedding photos I've ever seen. Congratulations to Tim & Rachel.